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Angel: Billy

By Mark Clapham on 15 May 2002

Welcome to the world’s shortest story arc! Remember that guy Angel pulled out of hell in ‘That Vision Thing’? Well, turns out he wasn’t being lined up for a major storyline, but for this exciting but relatively pointless monster-of-the-week show. Billy (the lad in question) has the ability to bring out a man’s resentment towards women with a mere touch. Now, while all relationships between people have their underlying frustrations, and those long stretches in the bathroom and so forth can drive a gentleman to distraction, its not exactly the scariest concept in the world, is it?

Thankfully theres enough shocks as Gavin Park, Wesley and Gunn all succumb to Billy’s touch to make this a credible threat, and theres some silly fun to be had watching Alexis Denisof chew his way through the Hotel set’s substantial scenery. Poor old Fred, though – she doesn’t exactly have an easy life, does she?

Small pleasures abound at the edge of the episode (a recurring theme in these reviews, I know, but thats the kind of detailed, soapy show ‘Angel’ is becoming). Watching Angel training Cordelia to use a sword, or seeing Angel jump on to a fifteen foot gate in one mighty leap, are the sort of fine brushwork that you can’t help but admire. And, until the *real* big story arc comes along, episodes like this will do for now.

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By Mark Clapham

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