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Angel: Couplet

By Mark Clapham on 15 May 2002

‘Ally McBeal’ may be on its way out, but its good to see someone taking on the mantle of camp office romantic comedy – ‘Angel’ just gets funnier and sexier as time goes on, with increasingly complex emotional dynamics between the characters. After Joss Whedon’s ‘Waiting in the Wings’, which brought the Wesley-Fred-Gunn and Angel-Cordy tensions to a head, and reintroduced Cordelia’s chivalrous suitor Groo, there’s a romantic spirit at Angel Investigations in this episode. Angel’s discomfort at Cordelia and Groo’s relationship is both funny and strangely poignant, especially when Groo slays a demon in broad daylight, leaving Angel stuck in the shadows. That Wesley is similarly put out by Fred and Gunn getting together – and that neither Cordy nor Fred realise that they’ve even made a choice, never mind left Angel and Wesley out in the cold – allows for a stream of gags and some neat character interplay. Compared to the current run of ‘Buffy’ this is fluffy stuff, but to be honest that isn’t such a bad thing.

This week’s demon related plot is minimal, and played mainly for laughs, but who cares when we have a constant stream of wit (and, admittedly, cheap innuendo) to keep us happy? And all the while, Wesley’s researches into the destiny of Angel’s son Connor are leading him to a shocking conclusion. In terms of overarcing plots and individual episodes, ‘Angel’ is pretty much firing on all cylinders at the moment, fusing horror, drama, action and comedy into something that isn’t *quite* like any other TV show. It’s a ride, and lord knows where it’ll lead us next.

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By Mark Clapham

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