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Angel: Offspring, Quickening, Lullaby, Dad

By Jim Smith on 15 May 2002

Big explosions, big plot developments, and lots of scenes taking place in the rain are the defining characteristics of this four part, three hour ‘arc’ of episodes from the David Boreanaz starring vampire drama. Pulling together many of the plot threads that have been running on and off for over a year now these four installments offer us a suicide, a birth, more than a few shocks, plenty of gags and enough scenery chewing – chiefly from an increasingly idiosyncratic Boreanaz – to keep any fan of the new style ‘Angel’ happy.

Angel has been hunted across time by Holst, a fanatical vampire hunter whom he once wronged terribly. Seemingly connected to this is the re-appearance of Angel’s old flame Darla, who is pregnant with a human child that she and our hero have somehow conceived despite the fact that Vampires are all de facto barren. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that their child has a much anticipated destiny, although whether it’ll do great good or great harm is not something even ex-watcher Wesley – who is hitting this Niazian prophecies like a good ‘un to try and find out – can be at all sure of. Against this background Holst waits, a demon army behind him and a terrible vengeance planned.

It has taken Angel a long, long time to fully step out of the shadow of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’, but here it more than achieves that, outstripping the contemporary episodes of its sibling in every conceivable way, and presenting something grandiose, epic and unique. These episodes of ‘Angel’ are nothing short of remarkable.

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