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Angel: Provider

By Mark Clapham on 15 May 2002

After the intensity of recent weeks, this nifty, albeit silly, episode sees a cooling off of the ongoing plotlines as Angel comes to terms with fatherhood. And if there’s one thing that parenthood is, it’s expensive, so Angel Investigations raises it’s public profile and ratchets up its caseload in an attempt to provide baby Connor with a prosperous future.

It’s a slim conceit – Angel goes all out for money, in the process overstretching his team to a dangerous extent, and losing his purpose along the way – but it makes for a harmless and mildly entertaining 44 minutes. Yep, we just know that the seemingly benevolent – and loaded – demons looking for a person of great intellect will try to suck Fred’s brains out, just as we know Angel is going to end up helping the man with no cash, but a genuine grievance, and that it’ll be business as usual by the end of the episode. There are no real surprises here, but after recent events – and with more trauma before the season is out – it makes for a nice diversion.

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By Mark Clapham

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