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Angel: That Old Gang of Mine

By Mark Clapham on 15 May 2002

Crikey, its been a while since ‘Angel’ has been this grim. ‘That Old Gang of Mine’ is pretty short of laughs, a fairly brutal story concerning vigilantism and loyalty which gives Gunn a rare moment in the spotlight. When poor old Merle gets butchered on the same day Gunn decides to hook up with his old crew, you just *know* its not going to end well, and that the two plot threads are somehow related. It’s not exactly the world’s greatest murder mystery, and perhaps that’s the point – we know with stomach-lurching inevitability that Gunn’s gang are up to no good, and are stuck watching the tragic consequences unfold. It all adds up to a solid – if less than spectacular – instalment, one with a disturbingly memorable coda as Angel says that Gunn may need to kill him one day. What other series has a hero with such a bleak set of priorities?

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By Mark Clapham

Mark Clapham is a Devon-based writer and editor. You can find out more about him at the egotistically named

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