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Rescue Me

By Eddie Robson on 15 May 2002

Trust the BBC to jump on the bandwagon when it’s already fifteen miles down the road. Rescue Me is a very straightforward TV version of the Bridget Jones-style chick-lit that would probably have been a dead genre by now if the Zellwegger-fuelled movie hadn’t given it a shot in the arm. Really, this should have been made three or four years ago.

However, that doesn’t stop it from being good Sunday evening fodder. It’s chick-lit by numbers, really: central character Kate, recently divorced media professional in her late twenties, has a bit of a drink problem, trying to get used to being by herself. However, they had the good sense to cast Sally Phillips in the lead. Phillips is so (a) funny and (b) likeable that the show just slots into place around her.

It’s never that hard to see where each plot thread is going, but you really don’t mind. Like I said, this is comfy Sunday night telly, minus the banality that infects stuff like Heartbeat, and it’d be good to see it get a second series. It’d be a step in the right direction for an increasingly dreary BBC1. But, once it’s over, the question is: how are we supposed to get relaxed enough to deal with the raw tension of 24?

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By Eddie Robson

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