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Angel: The Price

By Mark Clapham on 23 May 2002

WARNING! Contains spoilers!

Viewers should note that at the end of this episode something pivotal happens – I won’t reveal what, but I say this as an indicator that, yes, there is a reason to sit through a load of old nonsense about thirsty ghost insects…

A few episodes back, Angel performed a Dark Ritual (I think the capitalisation is justified, don’t you?) to try and get Connor back from the hell dimension he was taken to by Holtz. Now, in a re-run of the events of the Buffy episode Afterlife, there’s a price to be paid for Angel’s flaunting of the laws of nature and so forth, in the form of some spontaneously generating annoying ghost bug-thingys. Not the most terrible threat in the world, but they move the plot along and, when they inevitably possess one of the regulars, allow for some very unsubtle foreshadowing.

Now, readers of my reviews on this site will know that I have more than a passing fondness for ‘Ghost Busters’, and nothing inspired by that film can, in my mind, be entirely bad. But the pastiche here – a hotel full of icky ghost pests that needs exterminating – doesn’t quite work. Fortunately there are enough character moments from Gunn and Fred and funny lines from Lorne and Groo to keep the episode motoring on. Oh, and David Boreanaz is in the episode, and even gets a few gags of his own this week, just in case anyone suspected he might just have been forgotten in his own show.

So, another inconsequential threat-of-the-week filler episode, but one with an ending that screams ‘major plot development!’ at the top of its little lungs. And good job too – we need a little more substance around here…

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By Mark Clapham

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