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By Mark Clapham on 29 August 2002 Comments Off

This week, Burt Reynolds may very well be God. Tell us something we don’t know…

By Jon de Burgh Miller on 28 August 2002 Comments Off

Transformers: Takara is the first in a series of DVD releases that will showcase episodes from the original Transformers cartoon that only aired in Japan, rarely before shown to Western audiences…

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By Jim Smith on 28 August 2002 Comments Off

With the possible exception of ‘Time Wars’, the epic ‘Target 2006′ is the holy grail of UK-originated Transformers strips, out of print for over fifteen years and every bit as good as your pre-teen self thought it was.

By Jim Smith on 27 August 2002 Comments Off

The Italian Job is the most visible and enduring cultural icon of England’s post-1966 World Cup triumphalism; a caper movie which brings together a height-of-his-powers Michael Caine and a magnificently dry Noel Coward…

By Mark Clapham on 26 August 2002 Comments Off

Ted Bundy was the last movie of this year’s FrightFest, and co-writer/director Matthew Bright, producer Hamish McAlpine and actress Alexa Jago were all on hand to talk about the movie…

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By Mark Clapham on 25 August 2002 Comments Off

Hideo Nakata’s most famous film, Ring, managed to make audiences fear those two key amenities of the modern world, the telephone and the television. Now, with Dark Water, Nakata is set to make us scared of our plumbing…

By Mark Clapham on 25 August 2002 Comments Off

The directorial debut by Jeremy Dyson, best known as the non-performing member of surreal comedy troupe The League of Gentlemen, harks back to the much-missed ghost stories that British TV used to excel at…

By Mark Clapham on 25 August 2002 Comments Off

Horror film festival the Lupo FrightFest 2002 has scored a number of coups over this Bank Holiday weekend, including the English Premieres of Hideo Nakata’s Dark Water and Matthew Bright’s Ted Bundy…

By Mark Clapham on 23 August 2002 Comments Off

Donnie Darko, Donnie Darko, Donnie Darko… you’ve doubtless heard the name already. This is a film with a substantial net buzz behind it, praised to high heaven on various websites. Shiny Shelf is glad to report that the buzz was well deserved…

By Lance Parkin on 21 August 2002 Comments Off

Somewhere out there, comics’ fans dream, are all the decent comics. The ones that aren’t by writers who whinge about how awful and irrelevant superheroes are while thinking it’s radical to ask ‘what if Batman was gay?’.

By Mark Clapham on 21 August 2002 Comments Off

One should watch this episode while constantly bearing in mind that writer/director John Shiban has joined the production team of Enterprise since the demise of The X-Files…

By Mark Clapham on 21 August 2002 Comments Off

Sometimes, low expectations can be a godsend. And what could inspire lower expectations than a Mafia mini-series written by Lynda La Plante?

By Jon de Burgh Miller on 21 August 2002 Comments Off

The Sum of All Fears was always going to be a difficult film to realise on screen. The original book captured the mix of cautious optimism and unknown fear that characterised the early 1990s, but things have changed greatly between then and now…

By Mark Clapham on 20 August 2002 Comments Off

PVC clad Glaswegian supervillains massacre superheroes then escape straight off the comic’s page? If you hadn’t read the name ‘Grant Morrison’ on the cover of this issue of The Filth, you’d pretty soon guess who the writer was from the contents…

By Stephen Lavington on 19 August 2002 Comments Off

Is there a case for calling the West Wing the most extraordinary series currently on Network television?

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By Mark Clapham on 16 August 2002 Comments Off

Reyes ends up in a coma – nope, not after seeing last week’s episode – and finds herself in a strangely different version of the hospital she has been admitted to…

By Eddie Robson on 13 August 2002 Comments Off

Dylan Moran… and Michael Caine. This, for me, is a dream team if ever there was one.

By Eddie Robson on 11 August 2002 Comments Off

Before you consider going to see this film, think very carefully. Are you sure that you don’t have anything better to do?

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By Mark Clapham on 09 August 2002 Comments Off

Among all the mega-epics of Marvel’s current output, here’s a one-shot by two new talents that’s so low key it could easily pass you by. That would be a shame – while Spider-Man/Daredevil isn’t going to change lives, it’s a good character study.

By Jim Smith on 08 August 2002 Comments Off

X-Statix is, of course, Pete Milligan and Mike Allred’s X-Force in all but name and number. As expected, the writing is as smart as ever, the artwork is as eyeball tingling good as we’ve become used to, and the combination of satire and soap…

By Mark Clapham on 07 August 2002 Comments Off

Remember Alan Dale, Jim Robinson from Neighbours? Well, he’s back – and he’s evil!

By Mags L Halliday on 05 August 2002 Comments Off

This is not a Terry Gilliam film. This is a film about the production of a Gilliam film that doesn’t exist. As such, it’s the perfect antidote to those 30 minute ‘making of…’ documercials shown on ITV…


By Lance Parkin on 05 August 2002 Comments Off

When DC put out The Filth, 100%, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2 and then Dark Knight II 3 in consecutive weeks, you do have to wonder why comics fanboys think they’ve dropped the ball of late…

By Andrew Plummer on 05 August 2002 Comments Off

Writer Peter David and artist Leonard Kirk have been on this book since its creation, allowing them to produce a vast, 50-issue arc which ended with the ‘death’ of the ‘angelic’ Supergirl…

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By Jim Smith on 04 August 2002 Comments Off

Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship of the Ring is – of course – a tremendous piece of filmmaking; an astounding chunk of popcorn-with-heart. A skilfully judged and ultimately triumphant blend of fine acting, considered storytelling…

By Mags L Halliday on 03 August 2002 Comments Off

Cartoons, pop music and games, that’s what Saturday mornings are made of. Saiko-Exciting has all three…

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By Mark Clapham on 01 August 2002 Comments Off

This week a group of ex-cons find that they can’t escape a series of grisly events that repeat themselves again and again. I know how they feel…

By Stephen Lavington on 01 August 2002 Comments Off

The description of viewing a bad movie as being like ‘watching a train crash’ is such a cliche that when a truly, intolerably bad film does come along it prompts a genuine gasp of amazement at the accuracy of the analogy.

By Mark Clapham on 01 August 2002 Comments Off

Oh, now this is more like it! Bless you, Mr Vince Gilligan, for delivering a script of goodness for us to appreciate. And – yep – it’s a Dogget dominated episode, with no supersoldiers in sight…

By Mark Clapham on 01 August 2002 Comments Off

For a character who has left the show, Agent Fox Mulder still seems to dominate The X-Files. With interesting new characters all over the shop, it’s a shame the series feels the need to obsess over absent friends so much…

By Jon de Burgh Miller on 01 August 2002 Comments Off

In many ways, the film could be called Kevin Williamson’s greatest hits, mixing elements from many of his previous successes. Unfortunately, the sum is much weaker than its component parts…