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Andromeda A1.2

By Mark Clapham on 08 November 2002

There’s nothing particularly spectacular on this second volume of Kevin Sorbo’s space opera, but it’s still as strong a dose of this kind of thing as you’re likely to find. The strong back plot and interesting charactersput the series ahead of the pack even during its quieter episodes.

This set features two episodes using a bit of time travel to work through Dylan Hunt’s anxieties about the life he left behind. ‘Angel Dark, Demon Bright’ sees the Andromeda travelling back to a pivotal battle in the war that destroyed the Commonwealth, while ‘The Banks Of The Lethe’ sees Dylan getting a final meeting with the love he left behind, played by his real-life wife Sam Sorbo (who played a similar role in a trilogy of Hercules episodes, Sorbo-watchers). The former episode is the more successful of the two, but both do a nice line in tragic inevitability while providing some depth to Dylan, who is more troubled and less of a boyscout than may have initially seemed to be the case.

The standalone episodes on these discs are less notable. ‘A Rose In The Ashes’ is a very generic prison planet story, the locations for which never resemble anything other than Canada. ‘The Ties That Bind’ is a lot better, an early example of the ’scam’ plotlines that ‘Andromeda’ does so well. Featuring Beka’s shady brother, the episode manages to keep the audience on their toes with speculation about the true intentions of this dodgy sibling. It’s a credit to the show that they can do these double-triple-cross stories, displaying a willingness to reach beyond clear-cut morality and simple motivations. It’s a fun episode, and a neat example of the series’ strengths.

This is a good show, nicely packaged with a sprinkling of extras, and worth a place on anyone’s DVD shelf.

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By Mark Clapham

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