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Batman #608

By Jim Smith on 08 November 2002

Everyone is going to be reviewing this and I’m sure everyone will be saying the same kind of things. New creative team/new creative tone. New dynamic/new direction. New logo/new lease of life? Jeph Loeb, he of the Halloween set maxi-series and faintly disappointing run on Superman fame teams up with Jim Lee – yes, that Jim Lee – for the fist issue of what promises to be an uninterrupted 12 part, one year arc.

The angle these two have decided to approach Bats from is apparent form the very first page; frenetic, physical and smothered in internal monologue. The post Brubaker Catwoman turns up and there’s the instant sizzle of combative attraction. Killer Croc and Poison Ivy are along for the ride. There’s a big, big fight and the differences between Batman and Superman are stressed alongside their friendship. The latter doesn’t appear, but he’s clearly in Bruce Wayne’s thoughts. Batman is a fiercely intellectual hard-ass, faster and smarter than anyone. There’s even a fantastic intro for Batman of the ‘I’m Wally West, the Flash, the fastest man alive’ kind.

The clue is in the logo. This is Seventies retro chic Batman, a sort of platonic ideal for a certain kind of Caped Crusader. We’re kicking it old skool here, Rodgers style, and it rules.


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