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South Park: Season 5

By Mark Clapham on 08 November 2002

Good to see some shows retain a bit of creative vigour in their old age. In its fifth season South Park is still capable of finding new ways to offend people. This season contains a number of great South Park moments, many of which are indescribable on an all-ages site like this one.

Take, for instance, the steering mechanism for Mr Garrison’s invention. Or the tensions demonstrated by how the locals dress up to scare one character’s rich friends away. Or the plan to make some cash Cartman has in the penultimate episode, and what it involves selling. Nope, can’t describe any of the above.

What I can say is that this series contains some none too subtle digs at the current American mood, including a quite astonishing episode where Cartman turns the recent conflict into something akin to a Bugs Bunny cartoon. There’s also the departure of a long standing character, and a long-awaited solo episode for Butters. Cartman gets to be extraordinarily malevolent, proving yet again that he’s one of the greatest comedy creations on TV. Most, if not all, of this is very, very funny.

Just stay a mile away from this if you’re easily – or even moderately relatively difficultly – offended…

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By Mark Clapham

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