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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #2.2

By Eddie Robson on 08 November 2002

Anybody who felt cheated by last month’s issue of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, featuring as it did almost nothing of the five Gentlemen themselves, will be more than satisfied by this issue.

In Volume One the characters were treated in a very iconic manner: the mere fact of seeing these legendary characters together as protagonists in an adventure narrative was thrilling enough. This time around, however, we’re getting much more character interaction and more depth. The more unpleasant traits of Griffin, the Invisible Man, are coming to the fore and having a serious impact on the team’s activities, whilst the scene with Mina Harker and Edward Hyde is potentially the high-point of the series so far.

I sense that, at some point soon, Mina’s past will come into play – we all know that there are two little puncture wounds under her scarf, so when do we get to see them? What is clear is that Moore is unafraid to keep this team volatile, and whilst he hasn’t got the full potential out of them yet (Nemo hasn’t had much to do thus far) it might be wise to read this in the way that you’d read Marvel’s X-Force/X-Statix – in other words, don’t get too attached to any one member. They might not be around for too much longer. I’m still in mourning for X-Force’s U-Go Girl and I don’t intend to get stung twice.

Other than that, this issue is conceptually large in scale, as you’d expect both from Moore and from this book in particular. I think this volume of League is shaping up to be better then the last, not only because of this great character stuff but also because the enemy that they’re facing seems much more formidable (there’s some real carnage when their might is demonstrated). Let’s just hope that we don’t get the kind of schedule slippage that we had with the first volume because the cliffhanger on this issue is a doozy.

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By Eddie Robson

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