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By Mark Clapham on 27 January 2003 Comments Off

Holden Carver is deep undercover. So deep, in fact, that he might never get out again…

By Eddie Robson on 24 January 2003 Comments Off

You can tell that the first series of this was an award-winner after about two minutes of the first episode of series two. It practically screams, ‘BUDGET! THEY’VE GIVEN US A MUCH BIGGER BUDGET!’

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By Stephen Lavington on 22 January 2003 Comments Off

This week: ‘Enterprise’ tries to lull viewers into a false sense of security with a good episode, but I urge you not to fall for this vile subterfuge!

By Jim Smith on 21 January 2003 Comments Off

It is entirely possible based on the contents of this issue of ‘The Ultimates’ that scribe Mark Millar has gone quite, quite mad.

By Stephen Lavington on 21 January 2003 Comments Off

….so there’s these chicks on motorbikes, yeah, and they’re like, going really fast and then these guys start chasing them and it’s all in split screen and then they start shooting, but the girls get away and the guys go to their boss…

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By Eddie Robson on 20 January 2003 Comments Off

Dilemma! BBC1 and ITV have pitted their big drama debuts of the new season against each other! Which to watch? Erm, how about neither?

By Mark Clapham on 16 January 2003 Comments Off

…on the other hand, why don’t you just take it away again?

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By admin on 16 January 2003 Comments Off

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By Stephen Lavington on 15 January 2003 Comments Off

A rather sparky little episode that nonetheless harks back to the rather hackneyed method of character development pioneered in the first season of isolating two characters in a stressful situation so that they can bond.

By Eddie Robson on 14 January 2003 Comments Off

In which comedians Kim Noble and Stuart Silver accompany an old lady as she attempts to place a park bench at the North Pole to commemorate her dead husband. Some other things happened, too.

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By Jim Smith on 14 January 2003 Comments Off

‘Civilisation’ is not exactly vintage Trek. Not a true turkey either, mind you, but certainly little to write home about. Captain Archer and co arrive above a planet which is populated by bumped…

By Stephen Lavington on 10 January 2003 Comments Off

Previously, on shinyshelf’s reviews of Enterprise, we encountered a wannabe gritty, primitive ancestor of ‘Star Trek’ attempting to couple high quality US SF of universal appeal with a fanboy’s in-joke fantasy.

By Jim Smith on 06 January 2003 Comments Off

Tongue in cheek, sword at the ready, main sail at stunsel! Aaaah, that’s the ticket.

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By Mark Clapham on 05 January 2003 Comments Off

More 80s genius from the king of giant robot stories, Simon Furman…

By Mark Clapham on 05 January 2003 Comments Off

What do Marvel superheroes do when they’re not fighting evil? Lecture their kids, judging by this comic.

By Jim Smith on 05 January 2003 Comments Off

‘Nemesis’ is a distinctly under-whelming cinematic experience and one that, assuming the intention to make this the last ‘Next Generation’ film still holds, sadly stands no comparison with ‘The Undiscovered Country’ the last hurrah of Spock and co.

By Jim Smith on 04 January 2003 Comments Off

Last Christmas’ revival of ‘Only Fools and Horses’ must rank as the greatest crime a writer has ever visited upon his own creations. Fortunately this yuletide special is a touch better. Only a touch, mind…

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By Jon de Burgh Miller on 04 January 2003 Comments Off

Ron Howard is the new Steven Spielberg. Or maybe, he’s just who everyone thinks Steven Spielberg is. ‘A Beautiful Mind isn’t Howard’s Schindler’s List, it’s his Forrest Gump…

By Jim Smith on 04 January 2003 Comments Off

A rejected TV pilot written and directed by David Lynch which (thanks to French money) he was able to buy back, re-edit and re-shoot bits of.

By Jon de Burgh Miller on 03 January 2003 Comments Off

From the moment the first scene begins, it’s immediately obvious that the man at the helm of this Enterprise voyage isn’t someone reared in a TV background. This is cinematic, big-budget Trek like we’ve never seen before..