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By Eddie Robson on 30 September 2004 Comments Off

To my great alarm and not inconsiderable shock, I now live in a town without a comic shop…

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By Jim Smith on 24 September 2004 Comments Off

It’s “Batman: The Anime Series” essentially with an palette of colours and backgrounds seemingly drawn from Japanimation and character designs that seem to come via ‘Digimon’ or ‘Ultimate Muscle’.

By Lance Parkin on 24 September 2004 Comments Off

Trailers for movies and blurbs on the back of the DVDs often throw around superlatives. The ‘Star Wars’ boxset is almost self-effacing.

By Jim Smith on 22 September 2004 Comments Off

This boxset – nice and shiny with four amaray cases with uniformly bad covers inside it – contains two five star movies and one four-and-a-half star movie which, between them, constitute half of cinema’s premiere own-generated property.

By Eddie Robson on 20 September 2004 Comments Off

Well, that was all a bit of a waste of time, wasn’t it?

By Jim Smith on 19 September 2004 Comments Off

It’s a consistently funny, constantly surprising riot of in-jokes, familiar designs and glorious character moments if you’re a late twentysomething manchild.

By Mark Clapham on 15 September 2004 Comments Off

Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Edison, together at last through time and space. Say what?

By Mark Clapham on 15 September 2004 Comments Off

British superheroes are gaining a bit of attention these days. Here’s a perfectly formed A5 comic from writer Ian Carney and artist Will Kane…

By Mark Clapham on 15 September 2004 Comments Off

Sometimes the good stuff really does win out…

By Mark Clapham on 11 September 2004 Comments Off

It’s been a while since Shiny Shelf has reviewed ‘Six Feet Under’, Alan Ball’s HBO drama set in an LA funeral home. After a second season dip, this has consistently been one of the best shows on TV…

By Stephen Lavington on 11 September 2004 Comments Off

I’ve got to be careful what I say about Vin Diesel after the whole ‘xXx’ debacle…

By Mark Clapham on 10 September 2004 Comments Off

There are loose adaptations and there are faithful adaptations, and then there’s ‘Hellboy’, a film that seems to just rip Mike Mignola’s comic off the page and glue it on to the screen…