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By Eddie Robson on 30 November 2004 Comments Off

Only a naive writer would attempt to write this comic without considering what Cap’s words and deeds might mean in a wider sense. The character represents America, but whose America?

By Jim Smith on 30 November 2004 Comments Off

Mean spirited retro-grade trash, written to a shopping list….

By Jim Smith on 30 November 2004 Comments Off

It’s quite hard for me to express just how bad, and just how fundamentally wrong headed, ‘Green Lantern: Rebirth’ # 1 is.

By Mark Clapham on 28 November 2004 Comments Off

The Marvel universe is a busy, complicated place. This is clearly an attempt to create a fun, entry-level book to the wider Marvel universe for readers only really familiar with the big characters…

By Eddie Robson on 26 November 2004 Comments Off

Quite peculiar watching this light comedy-drama in the knowledge that it comes from the pen of the man who’s doing the new series of ‘Doctor Who’…

By Jim Smith on 26 November 2004 Comments Off

My name’s Wally West, I’m The Flash, the fastest man alive…

By Eddie Robson on 19 November 2004 Comments Off

For some reason, this year the New TV Season arrived one week in the middle of November, but better late than never I suppose…

By Jon de Burgh Miller on 19 November 2004 Comments Off

Brad Bird has been a fanboy favourite since his cult classic ‘The Iron Giant’, but with ‘The Incredibles’ Brad has gone from being an outsider on the fringes of feature animation to the major player in town…

By Lance Parkin on 12 November 2004 Comments Off

A number of recent Marvel revamps have clearly had one eye on the movie version. You can almost see Marvel editors handing them round a Hollywood pitch meeting and saying ‘how about this?’.

By Eddie Robson on 10 November 2004 Comments Off

I can easily imagine how exciting this would have been if I’d watched it when I was ten years old: I’d have taped it, and by the following afternoon I would have watched it at least three more times…

By Jim Smith on 09 November 2004 Comments Off

Big ideas, big action scenes and good human writing crash together in a technology and conspiracy heavy book each issue of which really needs a couple of read throughs before it all sinks in.

By Eddie Robson on 03 November 2004 Comments Off

‘The Smoking Room’ has been deemed a failure already as it arrives on BBC2 from BBC3, with the trailers tossing around quotes from glowing reviews in a desperate attempt to win higher ratings than its BBC3 run…

By Jim Smith on 02 November 2004 Comments Off

The notes in the back of the first issue by author, and former ‘Infinity Inc’ hero, Roy Thomas make clear the writer’s great pleasure in this comic book being the most faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel in any medium.