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The Flash#200

By Jim Smith on 26 November 2004

My name’s Wally West, I’m The Flash, the fastest man alive…

I love ‘The Flash’. I love Geoff Johns’ ‘The Flash’. The first was always thus, the second less so. The first six months of Johns’ run was, nay is, rather poor.

Since then, however, he and artist Scott Kolins (who wasn’t on that arc) have grown together on the book, creating new supporting characters, and re-defining and developing old ones. They’ve laid plans and built up sub-plots with enormous skill. This current arc ‘Blitz!’ is pay-off, big time, and the double length ‘Flash #200′ is, accordingly, something pretty special, a well-written and wonderfully drawn super-hero book of classic heroism and classic simplicity, albeit with a sting in the tale and a genuinely surprising solution to our hero’s dilemma.

Featuring a cameo by the greatest hero the DC Universe has ever known, ‘The Flash #200′ is too good to spoil. If you haven’t been getting the book, however, don’t start now. Wait til next month, when Johns’ genuinely startling ‘Startling New Direction!’ (accompanied by an awesomely different new artist) will kick off.

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