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Green Lantern: Rebirth #2

By Jim Smith on 30 November 2004

WARNING! Contains spoilers!

“I’m only connected to the Green Lantern Corps by name. My ring works on magic, not science.”

While it’s nicely drawn and contains a funny joke about mustard ‘Green Lantern: Rebirth #2′ continues the disgracefully low standards set by its predecessor.

The shape of the ’story’ is becoming clearer now and the manner in which Hal Jordan is going to be absolved of his crimes and restored to prominence in the DCU is becoming apparent. The blame is going to be moved. The logic of someone else’s story dismantled and subverted for the sake of a few dozen fanboys self-created sense of being hard done by.

Unlike those Jordan obsessives of ten years ago I’m not going to advocate physical action against the writer of a comic book I strongly dislike. That would be puerile, stupid and wrong; three adjectives which also neatly describe this issue, the second part of a six part series which exists solely to dismantle other writers’ work.

One has to wonder, actually, if writer Geoff Johns’ is aware that what he does to Guy (having his body reject his Vuldarian powers and appearance and return him to what he was like around fifteen years ago) is emblematic of the whole story’s approach. It’s forcing elements physically out of the body of the DC Universe; one might almost saying that some see this is a ‘cleansing’ of both the body of Guy Gardner and the fabric of this shared continuity. How very hard-hearted. How very disrespectful.

This is actually worse than Ben Raab’s run. While that was badly written, poorly characterised, unambitious, dull and dumb at least it wasn’t mean spirited retro-grade trash, written to a shopping list and an agenda so painfully dull and reactionary that it defies sense.

This is a very, very, very bad comic book written by someone who has written very good onesĀ in the past.

There would be more dignity in this if Hal had literally woken up in the shower.

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