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Batman #634

By Jim Smith on 01 December 2004

WARNING! Contains spoilers!

Some kind of error has meant that this issue of ‘Batman’ has gone out with Judd Winick’s name on the cover when he didn’t write that which is inside it. This means that this error has been compounded by one of my own. I’ve bought it when I didn’t really want it.

So, what is inside it? Well, instead of the return of Winick’s powered-up approach to Bats this is actually an epilogue to ‘War Games’, a crossover I’ve been generally avoiding after accidentally buying the first Bill Willingham issue of ‘Batman’ and being reduced to incomprehension by how little happened in it.

I suppose it’s a good thing in a way; this new issue is a nicely drawn, entirely unremarkable 22 pages which explains clearly what’s happened across the vastness of the ‘event’ I’ve missed. At least it means that I’m clued in. Except it doesn’t, as it’s really manifest that ‘War Games’ changes to the status quo have been minor at best, and that they could be explained in a panel, or a caption even, and it’s not like Bats is going to be persona non grata with the GCPD forever, is it?

An example of an entirely unremarkable comic book, the DCU equivalent of glass of tepid tap water, the most interesting thing about this issue is the mistake on page one.

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