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By Jim Smith on 31 October 2005 Comments Off

At times haunting and at others riotously enjoyable, Mr Kitano’s excellent new film is a step down from his last, the triumphant ‘Zaitochi’, but it is also inarguably a step forward.

By Chrys Hudson Lee on 28 October 2005 Comments Off

In one of those depressing turns of misfortune only Hollywood can marshal, it’s a real shame the Urban Legend franchise never took off with graceful aptitude…

By Mark Clapham on 27 October 2005 Comments Off

The first two issues of Mike Mignola and Troy Nixey’s ‘Jenny Finn’ were published by Oni Press in the summer of 1999, only for the remaining two issues to never appear…

By Stephen Lavington on 26 October 2005 Comments Off

Top of the US indie food chain at the moment appears to be a genre best described as the whimsical jaunt – a brief snapshot of life for an eccentric character.

By Jim Smith on 25 October 2005 Comments Off

‘In Oranje’ is a Dutch-language, magic realist film for children and families, and it’s absolutely marvellous. Its plot concerns a little boy who dreams of playing for the Dutch National team.

By Eddie Robson on 24 October 2005 Comments Off

The history of British pop is such a well-worn subject that new angles to assess it from are very welcome…

By Jim Smith on 22 October 2005 Comments Off

The very existence of Serenity is a minor miracle of consumer tastes over network whim of the kind not seen since ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ emerged ever-so-slowly into cinemas a quarter of a century ago.

By Jim Smith on 18 October 2005 Comments Off

The six episodes of ‘Doctor Who’ that are normally grouped under the title of ‘The Web Planet’ achieved viewing figures that remain among the series’ highest.

By Jim Smith on 17 October 2005 Comments Off

Mary Louise Parker has always had a vast untapped potential to be lead of her own TV show.

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By Jim Smith on 16 October 2005 Comments Off

I have a somewhat chequered history with Mark Millar’s work. ‘Superman: Red Son’ has, I think, the authentic touch of creative inspiration to it, but I really dislike ‘The Ultimates’.

By Lance Parkin on 16 October 2005 Comments Off

After months and months of the set up burbling away in the background, much of it rather humdrum and offputting, the first actual issue of Infinite Crisis is here.

I like it.

By Abigail Twitch on 16 October 2005 Comments Off

It seems mean spirited to criticize a film for sticking to a proven formula but that’s what ‘Nanny McPhee’ compels one to do.

By Jim Smith on 12 October 2005 Comments Off

Have we now gone so far down the ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ route that we’ll cheer something that’s manifestly dreadful because it might hurt someone we don’t like?

By Jon de Burgh Miller on 08 October 2005 Comments Off

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By Stephen Lavington on 06 October 2005 Comments Off

What an ugly mess.

By Chrys Hudson Lee on 04 October 2005 Comments Off

Let’s face it, the Child’s Play franchise owes a lot to the post-modern stylings of Scream and its copies – the rinse-and-repeat days of the lone doll stalking the same kid to transfer his soul seem like a distant memory…

By Eddie Robson on 04 October 2005 Comments Off

It is, of course, a coincidence that ITV is screening a series about a medium called Alison just as BBC1 starts running its new American import, a series called ‘Medium’ about a medium called Alison…

By Mark Clapham on 03 October 2005 Comments Off

Avast! Instant classic to port!

By Chrys Hudson Lee on 03 October 2005 Comments Off

Unlike some other recent body count flicks, House of Wax on face value alone has three fundamentally terrifying things going for it: a ghost town, a psycho killer and – shudder – Paris Hilton.

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By Mark Clapham on 03 October 2005 Comments Off

It is a relief to announce that, yes, George A. Romero still has what it takes. ‘Land of the Dead’ is a worthy sequel to Romero’s three previous zombie movies,while being a great contemporary horror movie in its own right…

By Eddie Robson on 02 October 2005 Comments Off

Once lauded as one of the greatest achievements of 1960s ‘Doctor Who’, ‘The Web Planet’ is now better known for being precisely the story Russell T Davies says he doesn’t want to do…