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By Eddie Robson on 27 May 2006 Comments Off

Mark Gatiss’ previous ‘Doctor Who’ episode, ‘The Unquiet Dead’, attracted some criticisms of playing to the gallery…

By Mark Clapham on 26 May 2006 Comments Off

A true evolution, or a load of old Ratners?

By Stephen Lavington on 26 May 2006 Comments Off

Music biopics are the ‘meh’ genre of films consisting, as they do, of a pretty regular formula of humble origins, emerging talent, the ups and downs of fame, a crisis of some sort and then either triumphant resolution or death…

By Stephen Lavington on 26 May 2006 Comments Off

Who remembers ‘Treasure Hunt’?

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By Jim Smith on 24 May 2006 Comments Off

Call me a heretic but, outside of ‘Year One’, Frank Miller’s Batman has never gelled for me. He is, in the writer’s own words, not a human being but ‘the god of vengeance’. He’s also ethically to the right of Nietzche.

By Eddie Robson on 17 May 2006 Comments Off

For once we’ve been able to peep at an advance copy of this week’s ‘Doctor Who’: however, you’ll find no spoilers here…

By Eddie Robson on 15 May 2006 Comments Off

Considering it’s one of the most shopworn sci-fi clichés in circulation, ‘Doctor Who’ has done surprisingly few alternative universe stories…

By Mark Clapham on 07 May 2006 Comments Off

Steven Moffat’s ‘The Empty Child’ was one of the highlights of last year’s series of ‘Doctor Who’: funny, scary, romantic and ingenious. With ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’, Moffat has done it again – this is as good as ‘Doctor Who’ gets…

By Jim Smith on 05 May 2006 Comments Off

It’s a confused and empty sentimental spectacle with a few good moments here and there but a central core of story that is muddle-headed and painful.

By Jim Smith on 03 May 2006 Comments Off

The fist issue of ‘Ion’ finds erstwhile ‘Green Lantern’ (that title now belongs to a 70s retro mass-murderer) Kyle Rayner both on his own and in his own book again.

By Jon de Burgh Miller on 02 May 2006 Comments Off

The Doctor Who New Adventures were a series of novels published during the 1990s that bridged the gap between the old and new series of the television show. ‘School Reunion’ shows that the thinking behind those books was way ahead of its time…

By Eddie Robson on 02 May 2006 Comments Off

The lower overheads of producing DVDs are creating a world of joy for cineastes and TV-astes, as it becomes more viable for obscure material to get a commercial release…