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By Mags L Halliday on 20 August 2007 Comments Off

There used to be a television clip series called ‘Best of British’. ‘British Film Forever’ is a modern, arch version of my old wet bank holiday friend. And that just makes it worse.

By Lance Parkin on 11 August 2007 Comments Off

After the narrow cult appeal of ‘Battlestar Galactica’, have Sci-Fi got themselves a mainstream hit with ‘Flash Gordon’?

By Mark Clapham on 11 August 2007 Comments Off

Proper boring.

By Jim Smith on 07 August 2007 Comments Off

Concorde was the great Anglo-French aviation project. It promised, nay delivered, supersonic travel for civilians and took its name from a word meaning ‘agreement’ (albeit with an unnecessary vowel appended to it to make it sound more French).

By Lance Parkin on 03 August 2007 Comments Off

The Monty Python and South Park movies demonstrated that a cult television comedy could not only distill and enhance what made the series so great, but go on to transcend that.