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By Jim Smith on 23 December 2007 Comments Off

The fan-produced ‘Star Trek’ webisode ‘World Enough and Time’ far exceeds any expectations that could reasonably be placed upon it.

By Jim Smith on 19 December 2007 Comments Off

The BBC’s new adaptation of ‘Oliver Twist’ offers high production values and a cast stuffed with ‘names’.

By Jim Smith on 14 December 2007 Comments Off

‘The Mighty Boosh’ has shifted location, from Vince and Howard’s flat to Naboo’s shop, the wonderfully monikered Nabootique, this season. Of more consequence is a shift in tone.

By Lance Parkin on 07 December 2007 Comments Off

Can you see the Northern Lights still?

By Jim Smith on 07 December 2007 Comments Off

‘Blade Runner’ is easy. It’s faux complex. It’s a film which wears its supposed seriousness on its sleeve, a pouting, grunting adolescent of a motion picture, a movie for people who think that things are inherently more serious when it rains in the dark.