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By Jon de Burgh Miller on 22 June 2009 Comments Off

With ‘Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen’, Bay has thrown realism out of the window in exchange for a fantasy adventure closer to ‘Men In Black’ than ‘Pearl Harbour’, and all for the better…

By Abigail Twitch on 11 June 2009 Comments Off

Nice with a slice.

By Finnisht Profeshunully on 04 June 2009 Comments Off

The ‘Terminator’ series has two prevailing themes. One of them is inevitability, how it is impossible to escape from destiny. Terminator: Salvation dramatises this in quite an unusual way, as a form of concept art…

By Stephen Lavington on 01 June 2009 Comments Off

An FBI agent heads a top-secret team dedicated to investigating the strange and the paranormal. Pretty good idea for a TV show – Chris Carter certainly thought so and it worked out for him.