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The Time Waster recommends… Awesome Hospital

By Timothy Waastermann on 06 April 2010

Writers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers create the kind of stories a sugared-up nine year old would come out with. A vampire skateboarding detective, a hero who is all the classic monsters at once… in the words of Frasier Crane, the Action Age comics ask ‘if less is more, how much more would more be?’

It’s a toybox approach that piles up ideas to see if they can create something even more… well, awesome.

Awesome HospitalDr Bulldog on a Skateboard makes his diagnosis.

The latest from Sims and Bowers’ Action Age imprint, Awesome Hospital has only been running for a few weeks, so it’s easy to catch up on.

The joke is straightforward enough: a hospital that only deals with ‘rad’ medical conditions, employing a staff of specialists torn straight from the obsessions of the average boy: a surgeon on a dirtbike, a heavy metal doctor and his punk rock nurse, a space baby with a raygun, and a bulldog riding a skateboard.


Ten pages in, and we’re still mainly on gags introducing the cast. But they’re good gags, and there’s no hurry. The set-up allows Sims and Bowers to wheel in any fresh absurdity they like, so there’s pretty much no limit to where this can go.

The writing is complemented by Matt Digges’ art, which is suitably cartoony without over-selling the humour: this kind of thing needs a relatively straight face to work. Josh Krach’s crisply medical logo helps, too.

So far, Awesome Hospital lives up to its name.

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By Timothy Waastermann

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