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The Time Waster recommends… WebUrbanist’s gallery of ghost towns.

By Timothy Waastermann on 24 May 2010

I know this is my second architecturally themed entry in a row, but WebUrbanist’s gallery of ghost towns and abandoned cities couldn’t go unmentioned.

If, like me, you take fascination in what happens to lived-in places after humanity moves on, and how more recent abandoned buildings gradually become the ancient ruins that future generations will take tours around, then this gallery is a timesink that could knock out an entire morning.

It won’t be the gallery itself will get you – each site, whether it be the sunken ruins of Alexandria or a sharply modernist Taiwanese resort, gets just a few images and a short paragraph – but the further research it entails.

Who wouldn’t want to know more about why these once bustling urban centres and homely villages were abandoned to the elements?

Virtual tourism at its best.

Thanks to Andy Diggle, who posted the link on Twitter last week.

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By Timothy Waastermann

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