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World of Fancraft: The Shiny Shelf Alternative Xmas Gift Guide

By Shiny Shelf on 20 December 2010

There’s plenty of official merchandise for shows like ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Star Trek’ out there, but who wants to buy the same old off-the-shelf stuff as presents?

For a more unique gift, going off the beaten track and into the shadowy world of unlicensed, hand-crafted items can yield some, er, remarkable gift opportunities.

We lowered a handmade wicker basket with the Seal of Gallifrey embroidered on it down the deep, dark well of craft e-commerce sites, and dredged out ten magical gift items:

1. Christopher Eccleston painting

´╗┐Do you know someone who, like at least one Shiny Shelf contributor, still pine relentlessly and annoyingly for Christopher Eccleston’s one glorious year as ‘Doctor Who’? If so, they might like this painting of the great man himself by Folksy user Mazzi, and might like to look at it and occasionally shut up about how much better [name of random Tennant episode] would be with Eccleston in it?

Mazzi also has paintings for fans of the Tenth Doctor. As well as the dramatic image of the Tenth Doctor at the top of this article, he/she has also painted this touching work of art featuring Tennant’s Doctor hugging Rose, although as we only see the back of her head it could be anyone, really.

2. Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler earrings

Seriously, if you’re still harping on about how Rose is THE DOCTOR’S TRUE LOVE FOREVAH then you could do a lot worse than commemorating your obsession with these rather cute earrings by Lovelyruthie.

Lovelyruthie also takes requests, so if you’d prefer jewelry featuring a manga style William Hartnell and Dodo instead, get in touch.

3. Star Trek meerkats

What could be better than ‘Doctor Who’? Not ‘Star Trek’, that’s for sure, but these fluffy meerkats certainly look cute in their Star Fleet uniforms.

Nifty Knits has done the whole original Trek crew in Meerkat form, and has even created some dramatic dioramas featuring typical Trek scenes, like this one of a redshirt being rushed to sickbay.

4. Spock bunny

If you love ‘Star Trek’ love cute fluffy things, but have a pathological terror of meerkats, perhaps this handmade Spock bunny might be more to your tastes?

Oh wait, this was a gift guide, wasn’t it? So it isn’t your fear of meerkats, it’s the gift’s recipients fear of meerkats that’s the issue. Although if you were morbidly afraid of meerkats, handling the gift while wrapping it might be difficult.

So probably best to get it sent direct from vendor Woolykins.

Where were we? I forget.

5. Log Lady earrings

More jewelry, this time relating to a truly great TV show, ‘Twin Peaks’.

These Log Lady earrings were made especially for a ‘Twin Peaks’ convention, from wood sourced in the Pacific Northwest, so they’re geographically appropriate as well.

Might take some explaining at parties, though, just in case anyone is confused about exactly what you’ve had lacquered and hung from your earlobes.

6. Torchwood inspired oils

Not oil paintings (although hold on ’til the end…), but a complete set of aromatic oils based on TV’s very very serious and adult ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off ‘Torchwood.’

These oils are apparently for ritual and magic purposes, so are a great present for people who like things that aren’t real and ‘Torchwood’.

There’s five oils, each for one of the main characters. Presumably the ‘PC Cooper’ one has the aroma of Cardiff kebab shops and violence.

7. L Plushie

For very sensible ethical and sanity-retention based reasons we’ve largely steered clear of fan-made manga and anime based craft items. Oh, the things we’ve seen…

Anyway, who doesn’t like L, the misanthropic genius detective from ‘Death Note?

We like him, so we were delighted to find a number of items available bearing his face or distinctive italicised ‘L’ logo.

We’re not sure why this plushie of him is naked, though.

8. Spike from ‘Buffy’ Basket Purse with lid

Some shows may be gone, but the fans still keep the faith, especially in regards to fan-favourite characters.

Take Spike, for instance. After dating a vampire and a blond guy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer eventually fell into a relationship with a blond vampire, Spike.

A classic antihero, Spike also appeared in ‘Angel’, but didn’t get a spin-off show of his own. He did get his face burnt into the top of this basket purse, though, so that’s something.

9. The X-Files nesting dolls

Speaking of old shows, ‘The X-Files’ may not be what it once was in terms of popularity, certainly if the reception to that second movie they did is anything to go by, but it still inspires a certain degree of devotion.

For most ‘X-Files’ devotees, it’s all about Mulder and Scully, so rather than have tiny version of the supporting cast this set of nesting dolls features two Mulders and two Scullys, getting more caricatured the smaller they get, with a little green man right at the centre.

So anyone wanting a Skinner or Krycek doll will just have to make their own.

10. Ianto and Jack painting

‘Torchwood’ again. No image, as the artist behind this painting has sternly requested that his copyright be respected. Not sure how the copyrights of the BBC and the likeness rights of the actors figure into all that, but never mind.

Regardless, you can click here to view this entirely safe for work painting of the two doomed lovers. They’re actually pretty good likenesses, so if you only buy one painting of Ianto Jones and Captain Jack Harkness… etc.

And that brings us to the end of the list. Ianto Jones has been the insane online fan obsession of the last couple of years, so the combination of Ianto and the world of fan-made crafts must represent some kind of dark heart at the centre of the internet.

Wherever we go from here, we’ll be moving towards the light.

Merry Christmas!

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By Shiny Shelf

5 Responses

  1. Mags says:

    I, er, quite like the Star Trek meerkats. And the kawaii Doctor and Rose earrings (although the Doctor/Master set are obviously even better).

  2. JamesHG says:

    Oh dear god, where the hell do you find this… stuff?

    I hope to hell that none of my friends read this dangerous article.

  3. Kate says:

    You may have slightly miscalculated here. Fangirls like a laugh as much as anyone; point us to cute and silly caricatures of our beloved characters and we’re quite likely to snap them up. I myself am off to purchase the Spock bunny (for a friend, of course).

  4. Mags says:

    Kate – I’m more worried that some of them aren’t intended to be caricatures!

  5. Mark Clapham says:

    Should have got us affiliate codes for this stuff if people were actually going to buy it. //facepalm