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Garrow’s Law Series 1 DVD (Region 1)

By Julio Angel Ortiz on 23 June 2011

Now this is something different- a legal drama that takes place in England… in the 18th century. A period piece based upon actual cases and drawn from the available records of that time, ‘Garrow’s Law’ is a welcome change of pace from not only the legal shows of today, but television in general.

Andrew Buchan plays the titular role, a young but ambitious defense lawyer who is outraged by the state of legal proceedings of the day, in particular the lack of proper representation for the accused and the crookedness of the justice system in late 18th century England. Garrow proceeds to take on cases for the innocent and not-quite so innocent, in some cases conflicting with his deep-rooted desire to see justice done.

Right off the bat, the writing and acting of the series will draw you in. While told within the confines of an hour-long episode, each story features well-crafted stories that are buoyed by the strong cast.

Buchan is fantastic as William Garrow, a young, at times tempestuous barrister who, despite his intentions, has much to learn at this stage of his career. Just as good are the surrounding cast, such as his attorney/adviser John Southouse (played by the excellent Alun Armstrong), his foil in prosecution attorney Silvester, and possible love interest Lady Sarah Hill. The characters are all well-drawn, another credit to the quality writing and cast.

The cases themselves are fascinating to watch. We as an audience have grown so accustomed to things such as fingerprints, DNA evidence, and surveillance cameras (among many other things) that many legal dramas today have descended into dry investigations tied to technology as much as the human element.

By having a series that takes place in a past without such conveniences, the drama is carried squarely on the shoulders of the characters, requiring a sharper set of dialogue to carry the story forward. And ‘Garrow’s Law’ has this in spades, providing a riveting four episodes in this set.

Aside from the main series, there are a few extras on the second disk, but nothing too extensive. If there was any complaint against this set, it would be that it is too short. After blasting through the few episodes the first series contains, you’ll want more. Hopefully future installments won’t be too far off. ‘Garrow’s Law’ is a gem of a series that deserves your attention.

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By Julio Angel Ortiz

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