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By Alex Fitch on 31 October 2011 Comments Off

I have to admit I was never the greatest fan of Tintin comics or the classic animated series, but even a casual knowledge of them makes it obvious this film does a disservice to both.

By Eddie Robson on 06 October 2011 Comments Off

A couple of years ago, all the Beatles albums were reissued with new packaging including photos I’d never seen before – and I’m a pretty big Beatles fan, as my blog testifies. At first I was surprised that they’d dug up these new (to me) images – then I realised that The Beatles were such [...]

By Lance Parkin on 03 October 2011 2 COMMENTS

The relaunch of DC Comics’ entire line as ‘The New 52’ has generated sales, it’s generated discussion, and put DC firmly in the spotlight. One of the big talking points, though, has been that something has gone very wrong with its depiction of women.
It didn’t help DC’s case that they launched two books in the [...]