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By Stephen Lavington on 12 February 2006 Comments Off

For a project constructed of little else than pure high concept, ‘24’ has enjoyed a long lifespan…

By Shiny Shelf on 01 January 2006 Comments Off

As 2006 begins, now is the last chance we’ll have to round-up all those things that Shiny Shelf should have reviewed in 2005 but, due to the constraints of time and competence, didn’t get around to. ..


By Stephen Lavington on 09 July 2003 Comments Off

The sense of original TV making that came in the first season has been lost. Why not show a bit more imagination with setting or plot?

By Jim Smith on 04 March 2003 Comments Off

‘24′ walks an uneasy tightrope, one it is in imminent, indeed continual, danger of toppling off.


By Stephen Lavington on 17 February 2003 Comments Off

Back with a vengeance is one of the finest and maddest action soap operas of modern times.


By Eddie Robson on 22 July 2002 Comments Off

Compared to the morning, it’s been a slow afternoon… but it’s always been a safe bet that something big would be planned for the end of the season.


By Eddie Robson on 29 May 2002 Comments Off

It’s become a regular occurrence that, at the end of each week’s episode of 24, the trailer for next week’s comes up and I think ‘OH MY GOD! What the HELL is going to happen next week to lead to THAT?’

By Eddie Robson on 15 May 2002 Comments Off

If you aren’t already watching 24, what are you doing? This is easily the best drama on terrestrial at the moment, its simple but cunning conceit complemented by classy execution…