Shiny Shelf
By Mark Clapham on 02 April 2012 Comments Off

We talk to Matt Wilson, writer of Copernicus Jones and co-presenter of the War Rocket Ajax podcast about robot noir, Doctor Doom and his new book, The Supervillain Handbook.

By Timothy Waastermann on 07 June 2010 Comments Off

In another moment of scheduling genius, ‘The Loneliest Astronauts’ is the second web-strip offering a twist on the ‘mismatched roommates’ concept I’ve recommended in a fortnight.
Steve and Dan are survivors of a lost space exploration mission, stranded on an alien planet with, seemingly, plenty of supplies but no-one to talk to about each other. Which [...]

By Timothy Waastermann on 19 April 2010 1 COMMENT

I’m not sure whether Kevin Church is the first person to treat writing webcomics as a career where you can work in a number of different genres with different talent at once, rather than grabbing an over-arching brand name for your gag strip, seizing the URL and then hammering any idea you have into your [...]