Shiny Shelf
By Jim Smith on 19 November 2006 Comments Off

Who killed Superman? (Clue: For one time only the answer is not Geoff Johns.)

By Stephen Lavington on 28 September 2006 Comments Off

There‚Äôs a semi-serious strand running through ‘Clerks 2′, a maudlin tone of lost opportunity that matches with the slacker ethos of the first movie…

By Mark Clapham on 13 July 2003 Comments Off

Seen ‘Hulk’? Need something to fill the yawning gap between now and the next Marvel movie, ‘The Punisher’, comes out next year?

By Jon de Burgh Miller on 21 August 2002 Comments Off

The Sum of All Fears was always going to be a difficult film to realise on screen. The original book captured the mix of cautious optimism and unknown fear that characterised the early 1990s, but things have changed greatly between then and now…