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By Julio Angel Ortiz on 13 August 2012 Comments Off

After almost two years, the latest ‘Star Trek: Titan’ novel is out.

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We talk to Matt Wilson, writer of Copernicus Jones and co-presenter of the War Rocket Ajax podcast about robot noir, Doctor Doom and his new book, The Supervillain Handbook.

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‘Conviction’, written by ‘Star Wars’ veteran novelist Aaron Allston, is the seventh in the nine-book ‘Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi’ series.

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‘The Rings of Time’ is one of the latest entries in the ‘Star Trek’ original series novel range, written by veteran author Greg Cox.

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The new James Bond book, ‘Carte Blanche,’ represents a modern day ‘new’ James Bond, who’s about thirty and who fights in a post 9-11 world.

By Matthew Badham on 28 April 2011 1 COMMENT

I have a confession to make. I’m a crap ‘Doctor Who’ fan. In fact, when it comes to the (Extraordinary?) League of Whovians, I’m definitely Fourth Division. When Season 24 was mentioned in the pub, I had to ask which one that was; I still can’t pronounce ‘Frontios’; and I switched off 10 minutes into [...]

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‘Seize the Fire’, the second book in the ‘Star Trek: Typhon Pact’ series, features the crew of the U.S.S. Titan commanded by Captain Riker.

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‘Typhon Pact’ is a 4-book ‘Star Trek’ series revolving around the eponymous government, a nascent rival superpower to the Federation comprised of several of their foes.

By Julio Angel Ortiz on 28 October 2010 Comments Off

‘The Peanuts Collection’ is a wonderfully packaged volume that is a must-have for ‘Peanuts’ fans.

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By Steffan Alun on 20 April 2010 1 COMMENT

As a fan of ‘Being Human’, BBC3’s post-watershed horror drama about a vampire, werewolf and ghost sharing a house in Bristol, the first question that came to mind as I read ‘The Road’ – the first of three tie-in novels – was, “who is the target audience for this book?”.
It seems odd that the novel [...]

By Steffan Alun on 26 March 2010 1 COMMENT

Shiny Shelf goes back to the beginning of a media phenomenon to review ‘Twilight’, Stephanie Meyer’s vampire romance novel that spawned sequels, movies, and a host of imitators.

By Julio Angel Ortiz on 08 March 2010 1 COMMENT

Reading ‘The God Engines’ was an exercise in frustration.

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‘Death Troopers’ is an interesting experiment in the ‘Star Wars’ literature canon.

By Julio Angel Ortiz on 20 February 2010 Comments Off

At its most basic, ‘Vanguard’ is a series of novels set against the backdrop of the early 23rd century and the original ‘Star Trek’ television series…

By Jonn Elledge on 14 January 2010 Comments Off

“I hope you’re not expecting modesty. This is too important.” – Russell T. Davies.

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Steampunk. Alternate history. Airships. Zombies.

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Now that’s an uncomfortable title for a white bloke to type.

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Nice with a slice.

By Lance Parkin on 03 June 2008 Comments Off

An absolutely first-rate, brilliant piece of James Bond that I suspect is going to be massively misunderstood and underrated.

By Mark Clapham on 10 November 2007 Comments Off

Dark Horse has collected Nicholas Gurewitch’s ‘Perry Bible Fellowship’ strips into this gorgeous hardcover…

By Jim Smith on 24 December 2005 Comments Off

If 2004 was, as we said at the time, the year of late arrivals and revivals, 2005 was a year of completing, and contrasting, circles.

By Mark Clapham on 13 September 2005 Comments Off

This is Gideon Defoe’s second little book about pirates, and is even funnier and more charming than its predecessor…

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By Mark Clapham on 17 August 2005 Comments Off

Two shelf-bending, wallet breaking hardbacks for the discerning comics fan: ‘Invincible Ultimate Collection 1′ and ‘Top 10: The Forty-Niners’…

By Mark Clapham on 17 April 2005 Comments Off

Meet 3/4 of the Shiny Shelf team at Charing Cross Road branch of Borders in London at 6:30pm on Thursday 14 April 2005…

By Eddie Robson on 21 October 2004 Comments Off

A glance at the front cover, back cover and first two pages of ‘The Timewaster Letters’ reveals that I am comfortably the least famous person ever to praise this book…

By Mark Clapham on 07 July 2004 Comments Off

Jake Arnott’s debut novel ‘The Long Firm’ has the unusual distinction of having TV cameras present before it was even signed to a publisher…

By Iain Hepburn on 20 February 2004 Comments Off

It’s been more than three years since Christopher Brookmyre, Strathclyde’s answer to Carl Hiassen, revisited the character who started off his literary career…

By Mags L Halliday on 04 January 2004 Comments Off

It is almost inevitable, in reviewing a book on grammatical punctuation, that I will make at least one mistake. ‘Eats, Shoots & Leaves’ is not the book I would reach for checking my comma usage…

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By Mags L Halliday on 10 November 2003 Comments Off

Come winter, come another Terry Pratchett novel to give distant family members an easy Midwinter present for that ‘awkward one’ (you know, the one that still reads comics and SF even though they’re over 15)…

By Jim Smith on 19 February 2003 Comments Off

When Douglas Adams died he left ‘The Salmon of Doubt’, the novel on which he had been working for a decade, less than half finished.