Shiny Shelf
By Alex Fitch on 06 August 2010 1 COMMENT

A risible B movie that is the nadir of this year’s 80s themed cinema…

By Alex Fitch on 21 May 2010 Comments Off

In case you hadn’t noticed, the 80s are back again, specifically 80s style action adventures.

By Stephen Lavington on 28 October 2007 Comments Off

In the US the fourth installment in this bombs and bullets franchise is known as ‘Live Free or Die Hard’, a title which much more aptly sums up its gung-ho bombast and over-the-top exuberance…

By Stephen Lavington on 09 December 2006 Comments Off

Bruce Willis may not be the obvious contender for title of Christmas action hero (Arnold Schwarzenegger can, after all, draw on Jingle All the Way, and good luck to him with that)…

By Stephen Lavington on 26 September 2005 Comments Off

This is the closest the recent run of comic book adaptations have got to transferring their visual style onto the big screen…

By Jim Smith on 31 May 2005 Comments Off

Imagine a performance of a song where everything is just enough off key to make it seem like someone’s nails being dragged down a blackboard.

By Eddie Robson on 15 May 2002 Comments Off

At their best, action movies are an art form in themselves. There are few things more exciting than watching a dangerous situation unfold at a fast pace, but it has to be so painstakingly constructed.