Shiny Shelf
By Mark Clapham on 27 March 2005 Comments Off

The Harrowing has begun. Here are our first frontline reports…

By Jim Smith on 27 May 2004 Comments Off

‘Seaguy’ is by Grant Morrison, and that means something. What it means is that it’s the work of one of the mere two writers in the whole history of comics who can even begin to be argued to be writers of the first rank full stop. It’s the work of someone about whom using [...]

By Eddie Robson on 20 February 2004 Comments Off

I haven’t picked up a ‘Buffy’ comic in a while, not since losing patience with Andi Watson’s tedious run, but this anthology bears the Mark of Joss and hence has caught my attention…

By Eddie Robson on 28 November 2003 Comments Off

I have to say, I’m very sad to see the end of Cameron Stewart’s run on ‘Catwoman’…