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By Eddie Robson on 12 March 2006 Comments Off

Far be it from me to second-guess the opinion of somebody more notable than myself and employ that opinion for my own purposes, but if I was Ed Brubaker I don’t think I’d be overly impressed with the last few issues of ‘Catwoman’.

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By Eddie Robson on 28 March 2005 Comments Off

Those of you who have stuck with ‘Catwoman’ this far are either very brave or very stupid. I’ve stuck with it, and I’m pretty sure I’m not brave…

By Eddie Robson on 11 October 2004 Comments Off

Jeph Loeb continues to demonstrate his remarkable grasp of DCU characters: I’m starting to believe that he could even make ‘Wonder Woman’ work, although naturally writing ‘Wonder Woman’ is not a fate I would wish on anybody…

By Mark Clapham on 22 July 2003 Comments Off

Most of the time ‘graphic novel’ is just a euphemism for ‘a book made out of old comics’. However, DC has something of a tradition of doing the GN thing for real…

By Eddie Robson on 04 May 2003 Comments Off

If the last two issues are anything to go by, ‘Catwoman’ now comes with a recommendation from a major comics figure as standard: last month Brian Michael Bendis was quoted on the cover, this month Frank Miller…

By Eddie Robson on 01 March 2003 Comments Off

Ed Brubaker’s Catwoman revival still seems to be finding its feet, but it’s doing OK so far: the writer is settling down and starting to fill in his own particular Gotham background…

By Eddie Robson on 08 February 2003 Comments Off

The revival of long-running titles just keeps going. Marvel’s revivial – they’ve
recently converted about half of their staple books from semi-unreadable
nonsense to essential purchases