Shiny Shelf
By Mark Clapham on 15 October 2009 Comments Off

“It’s the 90s, and it’s time for… horrible painted artwork!”

By Mark Clapham on 03 January 2005 Comments Off

While not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, the quickly-cancelled ‘Warlock’ is an OK title with some promise…

By Mark Clapham on 14 May 2004 Comments Off

It’s a good year for zombies. There’s ‘Shaun of the Dead’, the ‘Dawn of the Dead’ remake, a stumbling mob of forthcoming ‘Resident Evil’ games – and then there’s this comic, which has both a trade paperback and a new issue out this week…

By Jim Smith on 16 May 2003 Comments Off

The main problem with ‘Black Circle: Urban Knights’ is that, from a writing point of view, it has no merit at all. Zip. Nada. None whatsoever.