Shiny Shelf
By Eddie Robson on 04 February 2006 Comments Off

It’s a peculiar state of affairs when the most noteworthy thing about a new Channel 4 comedy is considered to be that it takes place largely on one set and is performed in front of a studio audience…

By Eddie Robson on 14 February 2005 Comments Off

Watching ‘Nathan Barley’ involves a sort of self-reflexive masochism that eventually drives you insane…

By Stephen Lavington on 05 January 2005 Comments Off

What rocked Shiny’s world in the last twelve months? The answers are unlikely to surprise you.

By Mark Clapham on 01 March 2003 Comments Off

Chris Morris’ BAFTA-winning short film arrives on a unique DVD…

By Mark Clapham on 20 May 2002 Comments Off

Who would have thought it – a commercial release for one of the most controversial comedy series of the 90’s, including last year’s even more controversial special for good measure.