Shiny Shelf
By Julio Angel Ortiz on 30 July 2012 Comments Off

So, we have, at last long last, the finale to the ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy.

By Stephen Lavington on 29 July 2010 Comments Off

‘Inception’ is not a film without flaws. It is a spiritual successor to ‘The Matrix’, with all the positives and negatives that implies.

By Jim Smith on 12 July 2005 Comments Off

Aaaah, do you remember the bad old days of Joel Schumacher’s Batman movies? Somnambulistic actors, insultingly deabsed versions of beloved characters and only the sight of Alicia Silverstone in a grey pleated miniskirt to keep one awake?

By Stephen Lavington on 08 September 2002 Comments Off

Christopher Nolan’s follow up to the awesome Memento can best understood via a comparison with the albums of Badly Drawn Boy; no really, it can.