Shiny Shelf
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A curious, amiable but in some ways nihilistic comedy by Carlo Mazzacurati, there’s something of the work of the Boulting Brothers about ‘La Passione’. You can easily imagine Peter Sellers in the lead role (played splendidly here by Silvio Orlando) of hapless, ageing film director Giani Dubois, railroaded into directing a provincial Easter Passion Play because a leak [...]

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Former leftist firebrand Marco Bellocchio writes and directs this episodic family saga, which was put together over a decade by crews of film students under his tutelage and which features members of Bellochio’s family in almost every significant role.
Stay away actress mother Sara (Donatella Finocchiaro) has a life that does not lend itself to child rearing. [...]

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Starting on 1 March, we’re planning to say ciao to a range of contemporary Italian cinema at London’s Italian Film Festival.
We love a film festival here. There’s something very satisfying about a week immersed in cinema, looking at themes that emerge from a well-curated programme.
The Italian Film Festival’s programme includes ten new Italian films across [...]

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‘Mysteries of Lisbon’ is a sprawling, gorgeous adaptation of a nineteenth century novel by Camilo Castelo Branco.