Shiny Shelf
By Jon de Burgh Miller on 18 July 2006 Comments Off

It was always going to be difficult to live up to ‘The Parting of the Ways’, so people were expecting great things from the conclusion to the second season of Russell T Davies’ ‘Doctor Who’…

By Shiny Shelf on 18 July 2006 Comments Off

Belated Billie bye-bye.

By Eddie Robson on 17 May 2006 Comments Off

For once we’ve been able to peep at an advance copy of this week’s ‘Doctor Who’: however, you’ll find no spoilers here…

By Eddie Robson on 15 May 2006 Comments Off

Considering it’s one of the most shopworn sci-fi clichés in circulation, ‘Doctor Who’ has done surprisingly few alternative universe stories…

By Jim Smith on 28 April 2006 Comments Off

‘The Tomb of the Cybermen’ comes from a period where ‘Doctor Who’ was tired. Mired in formula, it was flagging badly and ended up reiterating the same plot week after week after week.

By Jim Smith on 28 February 2006 Comments Off

Between them these two CDs release into the wild the last episodes of twentieth century ‘Doctor Who’ never made available to the general public in a mass market edition.

By Mark Clapham on 14 February 2005 Comments Off

‘Earthshock’ is a rare example of ‘Doctor Who’ as action rollercoaster…

By Eddie Robson on 29 October 2004 Comments Off

1960s ‘Doctor Who’ is the bomb. ‘Lost in Time’ is therefore to be welcomed with open arms, a pleasant smile, and a round of drinks…