Shiny Shelf
By Mags L Halliday on 01 April 2008 Comments Off

Season one of ‘Love Soup’ didn’t quite taste right, but season two has fixed the recipe…

By Eddie Robson on 28 December 2005 Comments Off

The first in a series of reports on how the various British TV networks have fared this year, based on one man’s capricious channel-surfing…

By Jim Smith on 24 March 2003 Comments Off

When a run of a series consists of only three one hour episodes it’s hard to think of the last of the three as a ’season finale’, but in modern television terms that’s exactly what this episode of ‘Jonathan Creek’ is.

By Jim Smith on 02 March 2003 Comments Off

The best British TV series of our day returns with a sadly less than vintage episode, albiet one with much to recommend it still.