Shiny Shelf
By Mark Clapham on 26 March 2012 Comments Off

What if James Bond was a self-involved jerk?

OK, forget that: what if James Bond was an even bigger self-involved jerk than he is already?

By Julio Angel Ortiz on 22 December 2010 Comments Off

The first season of ‘The Walking Dead’ is now over, and with the conclusion of the six-episode series, its time to look back and see how it fared in its freshman run.

By Julio Angel Ortiz on 12 November 2010 Comments Off

‘Guts’ is an entertaining episode, which lacks the strength of the premiere but concentrates on action.

By Julio Angel Ortiz on 05 November 2010 Comments Off

‘The Walking Dead’ comic has always primarily been about the characters, with the zombies providing a background.

By Stephen Lavington on 22 June 2010 Comments Off

‘Sons of Anarchy’ takes a bold step in solving the perennial puzzle of how to create high stakes drama where power-plays can lead to life or death in the heavily regulated and policed, relatively safe setting of contemporary America.
The majority of shows faced with this problem take the obvious approach and choose their characters from [...]

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For Michael Chiklis’ violent cop, it’s always Clobberin’ Time…

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Heeeey… Aceveda!

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An under resourced, inner city police station: some of the cops are corrupt, others are more honest. On paper there’s very little difference between ‘The Shield’ and ‘The Bill’…