Shiny Shelf
By Mark Clapham on 09 November 2009 Comments Off

Crazy, like.

By Stephen Lavington on 01 July 2007 Comments Off

Prepared to accept that not one but both the machines used to dig the Channel Tunnel could be purchased, exported and set up underneath Las Vegas in the course of a few weeks? This may be the film for you.

By Jon de Burgh Miller on 11 December 2004 Comments Off

It is three years since Danny Ocean and associates successfully robbed the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas, and after three years of searching, the casino owner has found Ocean and wants revenge…

By Eddie Robson on 25 October 2003 Comments Off

Prevailing critical opinion has declared that ‘Intolerable Cruelty’ is a minor Coen brothers film: I’d like to be able to disagree but, frankly, I’d only be doing so for the sake of it…

By Jim Smith on 27 April 2003 Comments Off

‘Welcome to Collinwood, the Beirut of Illinois’ (to give the film its full, on-screen title) has ‘instant cult classic written’ all over it and if there’s any justice at all it should make its writer/directors rich and famous virtually overnight.

By Stephen Lavington on 25 March 2003 Comments Off

The name Chuck Barris has pretty much zero recognition here in the UK. In America he is much more famous; Chuck was the TV producer responsible for . . .

By Jim Smith on 30 June 2002 Comments Off

There are two orthodoxies about From Dusk Till Dawn. One – that adhered to by film purists – is that it’s a shambolic bit of nonsense tossed off by Tarantino in his lunch hour and then given to an inferior mate to direct…

By Jon de Burgh Miller on 16 May 2002 Comments Off

George Clooney makes smart films. That’s not one of those vague assertions reviewers often make, it’s a scientific, proveable fact…