Shiny Shelf
By Mark Clapham on 13 December 2008 Comments Off

Fantastic in both senses of the word.

By Mark Clapham on 10 September 2004 Comments Off

There are loose adaptations and there are faithful adaptations, and then there’s ‘Hellboy’, a film that seems to just rip Mike Mignola’s comic off the page and glue it on to the screen…

By Jim Smith on 02 March 2003 Comments Off

A summer blockbuster sufficiently early to arrive with the dawn of Spring, ‘Blade 2′ is both significantly more violent and appreciably less nasty than its predecessor.
With Guillermo del Toro of ‘Cronos’ and ‘The Devil’s Backbone’ fame behind the camera, the visuals have flair and a certain kind of grim glamour. The costumes too, are remarkably [...]

By Stephen Lavington on 17 May 2002 Comments Off

It is hard to imagine the same director making two more disparate vampire movies than Cronos and Blade II.

By Mark Clapham on 15 May 2002 Comments Off

The Devil’s Backbone, by much hyped but largely unproven Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro, is a Spanish Civil War-set ghost story about a haunted children’s home…

By Mark Clapham on 15 May 2002 Comments Off

‘Blade II’ is a very, very violent film. Take that as either a warning or a recommendation, but bear it in mind.