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A short movie that nonetheless seems a trifle long ‘The Incredible Hulk’ is utterly, almost desperately, okay.

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The Pulse #10, Spider-Man: House of M, and The Incredible Hulk #83-85.

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This might come as a shock to some of you, but I’ve never read a Peter David ‘Hulk’ comic before. That shouldn’t be taken as an implicit criticism of him or his previous run, by the way, it’s just a fact.

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As a fluffy holiday diversion, Marvel has published five ‘What If…’ one-shots, exploring alternate histories of familiar characters. The four reviewed here are strangely grim but lightweight, dealing with dark stories in a fluffy and inconsequential wa

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Hulk #75 finally answers the question of who is the mouth on the monitor screen manipulating events to try and get hold of the Hulk’s blood. The answer will underwhelm you…

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Ang Lee’s ‘Hulk’ comes to DVD with exactly the same strengths and weaknesses it had on its cinema release

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First things first – the beast is in good shape. ILM have created a Hulk that is convincing, and an effective amalgam of actor Eric Bana and the comic book character…

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Not since Tim Burton’s ‘Batman Returns’ has there been such a vast gap between the aims of a feature film and its portrayal via merchandise and spin-off products.

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Here’s a miscellaneous item if ever there was one…

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HULK SMASH! or rather, ‘Hulk be a bit cryptic, get followed round the mid-west by sinister people and then get some action’. Rivetting stuff, all the same, from author Bruce Jones.

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By Mark Clapham on 21 September 2002 Comments Off

Writer Bruce Jones’ approach to the Hulk goes even further into the horror genre…

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By Jim Smith on 19 May 2002 Comments Off

I’m not what you would call a long-time Hulk fan, but the current run of the monthly book is truly remarkable work.