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By Lance Parkin on 07 September 2011 Comments Off

The new James Bond book, ‘Carte Blanche,’ represents a modern day ‘new’ James Bond, who’s about thirty and who fights in a post 9-11 world.

By Lance Parkin on 03 June 2008 Comments Off

An absolutely first-rate, brilliant piece of James Bond that I suspect is going to be massively misunderstood and underrated.

By Lance Parkin on 16 November 2006 Comments Off

‘Casino Royale’ is a superb film, it’s a superb modern-day adaptation of a book that would seem to defy any such thing and it’s also a superb Bond film.

By Stephen Lavington on 11 April 2005 Comments Off

To celebrate the forthcoming release of ‘Die Another Day’, we’re reviewing our favourite Bond films on DVD all this week…

By Jim Smith on 11 April 2005 Comments Off

Okay, I’ll come clean right away and admit it – ‘Licence to Kill’ isn’t the best Bond film. It isn’t close to being one of the the best Bond films, and – and I’m being fair here – nobody thinks it’s one of the best Bond films…

By Stephen Lavington on 03 June 2004 Comments Off

The first volume in Titan’s series of reprinted James Bond comic strips (originally published in the Daily Express newspaper) dealt with one novel length story and one of Fleming’s better short stories.

By Stephen Lavington on 15 March 2004 Comments Off

Titan Books have given a new lease of life to 007’s most neglected adventures: those serialised in cartoon form in the Daily Express and Daily Star newspapers from 1958 to 1981.

By Stephen Lavington on 21 September 2003 Comments Off

It has become almost an annual tradition to lambast the quality of Hollywood’s summer output. Key to this is the guaranteed use of the phrase ‘Summer of Sequels’, with all the associated critique of laziness, complacency….

By Jim Smith on 16 March 2003 Comments Off

At a rare quiet moment in ‘Die Another Day’ the new Q (John Cleese) and Brosnan’s Bond discuss how many watches he’s been given by Q branch, ‘Twenty’ is the conclusion in a nicely judged nod to this being the series 40th anniversary installment.

By Stephen Lavington on 20 November 2002 Comments Off

Without a doubt the strangest Bond film since Feldman’s ‘Casino Royale’, ‘Die Another Day’ veers from madness to madness…

By Lance Parkin on 08 November 2002 Comments Off

‘Goldfinger’ is the best Bond film. It’s not quite as outrageous as the book, but it still has far more than its fair share of moments of brilliance. Heroin flavoured bananas, anyone?

By Eddie Robson on 08 November 2002 Comments Off

I’m sure that any Bond geeks have assumed that I’ve put these two together because the 1999 film derives its title from the 1969 one. However, that’s not the case at all.

By Mark Clapham on 07 November 2002 Comments Off

A mature Bond film? You may well ask what the point would be. James Bond is, after all, a superhero of sorts, and therefore a fantasy figure straight from the depths of the male adolescent psyche…

By Stephen Lavington on 16 October 2002 Comments Off

At the London Science Museum they’ve somehow they have put together a show that appeals to die-hard fans (like, er, me) without alienating more well-balanced individuals or families.