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By Mark Clapham on 01 November 2010 2 COMMENTS

‘DC Universe Presents’ is the latest UK title to reprint US comics for the UK newsstand, and with one great story and two quite good ones it represents very good value for your three quid.

By Mark Clapham on 30 August 2006 Comments Off

It’s that time of decade again – DC’s premier super team needs a conceptual spring clean and relaunch…

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By Lance Parkin on 19 February 2006 Comments Off

When the ‘Justice League’ cartoon started a few years ago, it was a good show, but not a great one…

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By Jim Smith on 04 July 2003 Comments Off

Comebacks aren’t supposed to be successful. The Beatles posthumous singles didn’t hit #1; only I like ‘The Phantom Menace’; Theodore Roosevelt didn’t regain the White House in 1913 and ‘Never Say Never Again’ sucked very hard indeed.