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By Mags L Halliday on 03 May 2011 Comments Off

‘Woochi the Demon Slayer’ has a fatal flaw but is otherwise a lively tale of good, evil and personal stylists.
Just as an Archgod is about to banish all the evil goblins from the world with his enchanted pipe, three impatient Taoist gods disrupt the spell. The goblins are freed, the Archgod vanishes and two wizards [...]

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‘71 Into the Fire’ takes a little known incident of the Korean War and gives it well-deserved epic treatment.
There’s a broad trajectory war films take, as the war they depict recedes into history. During the war they are obviously propagandist. Immediately afterwards they are patriotic and heroic. Then comes lighter fare, then films that question [...]

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By Mark Clapham on 20 January 2011 Comments Off

Watching ‘Missing’ I was unsure of whether it was a coldly scathing portrayal of male violence against women or a tasteless, and for the most part extremely slow, horror film.

By Mark Clapham on 10 May 2005 Comments Off

‘To Catch A Virgin Ghost’, showing at London’s Prince Charles Cinema as part of the UK Korean Film Festival 2005, doesn’t so much span the genres as roll over them in a tank.

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By J Clive Matthews on 15 August 2004 Comments Off

This is your typical story of boy meets girl; boy forcibly snogs girl in front of her boyfriend; boy is beated by police; boy sets girl up in an elaborate sting operation which leaves her being forced into prostitution…

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