Shiny Shelf
By Lance Parkin on 24 September 2004 Comments Off

Trailers for movies and blurbs on the back of the DVDs often throw around superlatives. The ‘Star Wars’ boxset is almost self-effacing.

By Jim Smith on 22 September 2004 Comments Off

This boxset – nice and shiny with four amaray cases with uniformly bad covers inside it – contains two five star movies and one four-and-a-half star movie which, between them, constitute half of cinema’s premiere own-generated property.

By Mark Clapham on 21 June 2003 Comments Off

‘Birds of Prey’ comes to CNX (a cable channel seemingly programmed to my personal demographic) under a cloud of cancellation, having seen a spectacular decline in ratings during its brief run on the WB network…

By Jim Smith on 12 July 2002 Comments Off

Birds of Prey is the much-anticipated and widely leaked pilot episode for a new hourly drama series based on the strictly second division DC comic book. Fortunately it is, with a couple of caveats, really rather good.

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