Shiny Shelf


By Alex Fitch on 01 August 2012 Comments Off

Fun, but over familiar; if you’re bored of the Olympics and have seen The Dark Knight Rises, ‘Ted’ is a reasonable way to spend a couple of hours in an air conditioned room.

By Iain Hepburn on 18 September 2003 Comments Off

Hollywood’s track record on remakes has been patchy at best, but recently the amount of barrel scraping that’s been going on have underlined the absolute paucity of original ideas kicking around California.

By Iain Hepburn on 16 May 2003 Comments Off

The PR blurb for ‘The Truth About Charlie’ says it all…

By Jim Smith on 15 May 2002 Comments Off

The most offensive thing about Planet of the Apes is that it is absolutely guilty of all of the cinematic crimes that critics accuse other, largely innocent, blockbusters of -